We offer an external Security Department for any kind of companies, providing highly qualified professionals on this field.


We will make contingency plans for different situations within the company, negotiate contracts with security companies (already contracted or to hire), Burglary Prevention Plans; route control of fleets of vehicles; Safety Analysis of its employees and managers, etc.


In Detectives El Ojo de Horus you will find, for both companies and individuals, the best professionals in the security sector such as Criminologists, Security Experts, Security Directors, Private Investigators, Experts in Criminal Psychopathology, etc; who after a detailed analysis of all the information required to develop specialised reports, will bring Solutions in order to prevent criminal proceedings, improve the security of companies, executives and individuals, etc.


Security Audit will review all company security-related aspects, especially areas such as the safety of its executives and employees (express kidnappings, accidents, etc.), computer security (document encryption, network reliability, etc.), logistics (route control, shoplifting and vehicles, etc.), property security (buildings, trademarks, patents, etc.), document security (data protection, etc.) and much more.


620 971 081  (SANTIAGO)


676 688 780        (LUGO)




Licencias profesionales

(Lic. 1647 – 1721)


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